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Savgood Technology - Zoom Camera Modules manufacturer.

Hangzhou Savgood is establish in May, 2013. We're committed to provide the professional CCTV solution.

First years, we were just distributing Hikvision and Dahua English version products, export them to overseas market, North American, Europe, Aisa and Africa. We're one of Top 10 Golden Suppliers in Securty Category on 

From 2016 Year, we found most of Long Range Zoom solutions are using Normal box camera and Motorized Lens, which is very Expensive, Not Stable and Low Efficiency Auto Focus. 

To solve the current issues of Long Range Zoom cameras solution, based on SONY's popular, high image quality and ultra starlight Exmor/Exmor R CMOS Sensor, Savgood Team with suppliers started to design & develop many kinds of Zoom Camera Modules, focus on Ultra LONG RANGE ZOOM camera modules. Many modules have been successfully released, for example, 4Mp 88x Zoom (10.5~920mm), 2Mp 80x Zoom (15~1200mm), 2Mp/4K/8Mp 50x Zoom (6~300mm), Network & Digital version, and also the zoom infrared laser illuminator to work with day camera.

They can support our own fast & accurate excellent Auto Focus algorithm, Defog and IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) functions, Onvif protocol, HTTP API for the 3rd party system integration. And our infrared laser lighting module is customized version with customized synchronous zoom firmware.

Also, currently the thermal camera solution are analog now, if need network solution, it needs digital video servers to convert anglog video to Network, which the cost is high, and the video is worse, control is delay. Savgood team with our suppliers also design & develop the IP modules for digital thermal cameras, we have Ethernet output thermal camera, with fixed lens and continued zoom lens, also multi sensor and dual spectrum camera module.

We made some integration for PTZ dome camera, vechile camera, drone gimal camera, heavy load PTZ camera, and we have plan to release SWIR camera in the near future, with autofocus zoom lens.

Now all of the zoom camera modules and thermal camera modules are sold to many overseas countries, United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Israel, Turkey, India, South Korea etc. They're widely used in CCTV products, Military devices, Medical equipments, Industrial equipment, Robot equipment etc.

And based on our own visible zoom camera modules and thermal camera modules, we also integrated some competitive products, PTZ Cameras, Drone Gimbal cameras etc. We also could do OEM & ODM service based on your requirements. 


About Us