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  • Infrared imaging camera for defense application

    In recent years, infrared imaging camera has become increasingly important in border defense applications. 1.Monitoring targets at night or under severe weather conditions: As we know, visible camera can’t work well at night if without IR illumination, the infrared thermal imager passively accept...
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  • Thermal Camera Features and Advantage

    Thermal Camera Features and Advantage

    Nowdays, thermal camera is more and more widely used in different range application, for example Scientific research, Electrical equipment, R&D quality control circuit research and development, Building inspection, Military and security. We released different kinds of long range thermal camer...
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  • What is Defog Camera?

    Long range zoom camera always have defog features, including PTZ camera, EO/IR camera, widely used in defence and military, to see as far as possible. There are two main types of fog penetration technology: 1.Optical defog camera Normal visible light cannot penetrate clouds and smoke, but near-in...
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  • Infrared Thermal and Long Range Visible Camera For Border Security

    Infrared Thermal and Long Range Visible Camera For Border Security

    Protecting national borders is critical to a country’s security. However, detecting potential intruders or smugglers in unpredictable weather and completely dark surroundings is a real challenge. But infrared thermal imaging cameras can help meet the detection needs in l...
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