• Temperature Compensation Mechanism

    All of our camera including thermal camera and day camera support temperature compensation, to improve back focus effect, the focus motor move at the same time as zoom motor. Testing way: For example Focus Position A, to test if focus will return to position A after zoom in/out, Thermal Imaging: ...
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  • Products line updates information

    Products line updates information

    Due to the chip situation now days, we released some new cameras to replace some old version similar models: Visible camera updated: SG-ZCM4052ND-O2: 15~775mm 52x zoom 4MP camera module SG-ZCM8003NK: 3.85~13.4mm 3.5x 4K zoom camera module SG-ZCM4037NK-O: 6.5~240mm 37x 4MP zoom camera module SG-...
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  • Intelligent monitoring of fire detection

    Intelligent monitoring of fire detection

    Fire intelligent identification system is based on big data analysis, using computer vision, combined with geographic information system, to achieve intelligent identification of video fire system. Fire intelligent recognition based on video monitoring system created the beginning of video image ...
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  • The CMOS chip used for the security monitoring field

    The CMOS chip used for the security monitoring field

    CMOS is short name for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.It is a technology used in large-scale integrated circuit chips, a readable and written RAM chip on a computer mother board.W With the different type sensor development,The CMOS was originally used to save data from the BIOS settings...
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  • The Widely Used Thermal Cameras.

    Any object in nature above Absolute Temperature (-273℃) could radiates heat (electromagnetic waves) to the outside.   Electromagnetic waves are long or short, and waves with wavelengths ranging from 760nm to 1mm are called infrared, which cannot be seen by the human eye. The higher the temperatu...
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  • Why we choose Multi Sensor Camera?

    Why we choose Multi Sensor Camera?

    With the rapid improvement of science and technology, various kinds of video surveillance system networks consisting of living communities, traffic and transportation networks, stations and terminals have been formed rapidly. The cooperation of visible and thermal cameras has no longer be the on...
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  • NDAA Compliant Non-Hisilicon Camera

    In order to cope with the US NDAA restrictions, we have newly developed a 4K Non-Hisilicon camera with SigmaStar high performance chip: 4K/8Megapixel 50x Long Range Zoom Network Camera Module.     SG-ZCM8050NS-O: 1/1.8” Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor. Powerful 50x optical zoom (6~300mm). Max. 4K/8Mp...
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  • Advantages of thermal imaging cameras

    Advantages of thermal imaging cameras

    Infrared thermal imaging camera can discover the specific information of the measured object by detecting the temperature distribution of the measured object, including the internal composition and specific location of the object. Three advantages of thermal imaging cameras: 1. Safe to use     ...
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  • What is infrared laser camera?

    What is infrared laser camera?

    What is an infrared laser camera? Is it infrared light or laser? What is the difference between infrared light and laser? In fact, infrared light and laser are two concepts in different categories, and infrared laser is the part of the intersection of these two concepts: Visible light wavelength...
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  • Infrared imaging camera for defense application

    In recent years, infrared imaging camera has become increasingly important in border defense applications. 1.Monitoring targets at night or under severe weather conditions: As we know, visible camera can’t work well at night if without IR illumination, the infrared thermal imager passively accept...
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  • Thermal Camera Features and Advantage

    Thermal Camera Features and Advantage

    Nowdays, thermal camera is more and more widely used in different range application, for example Scientific research, Electrical equipment, R&D quality control circuit research and development, Building inspection, Military and security. We released different kinds of long range thermal camer...
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  • Recommended Camera SG-ZCM2030DL to replace SONY Camera

    We have different range kind of zoom camera module, including network zoom camera and digital zoom camera(LVDS), as we know, many SONY models are discontinued now, and many customer use 30x zoom digital camera SG-ZCM2030DL to replace SONY camera FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7520A, and have very good perf...
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  • New Released OIS Camera

    We just released a new camera on Dec, 2020: 2Megapixel 58x Long Range Zoom Network Output OIS Camera Module SG-ZCM2058N-O  High Light Features: 1.OIS feature OIS (Optical image stabilization) means achieve image stabilization through the setting of optical components, such as hardware lens, to a...
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  • What is Defog Camera?

    Long range zoom camera always have defog features, including PTZ camera, EO/IR camera, widely used in defence and military, to see as far as possible. There are two main types of fog penetration technology: 1.Optical defog camera Normal visible light cannot penetrate clouds and smoke, but near-in...
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  • Optical defog function in Savgood Network modules

    Optical defog function in Savgood Network modules

    Surveillance cameras installed outside are expected to stand the test of 24/7 operation through strong light, rain, snow, and fog. Aerosol particles in the fog are especially problematic, and remain one of the main causes of degrading image quality. Weather greatly affe...
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  • Infrared Thermal and Long Range Visible Camera For Border Security

    Infrared Thermal and Long Range Visible Camera For Border Security

    Protecting national borders is critical to a country’s security. However, detecting potential intruders or smugglers in unpredictable weather and completely dark surroundings is a real challenge. But infrared thermal imaging cameras can help meet the detection needs in l...
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